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BE BOLD! June 30, 2012

Chances are, if you follow design trends, you've seen bold splashes of color being used on walls with paint and as furniture accents. Now those same bold colors have made their way in to the kitchen.


Most of the predominant countertop manufactures have incorporated a selection of bold colors into their offering; and designers are taking notice. The most common use for these bold colors in kitchens are for islands.


An island is the perfect place to get adventurous and even splurge a little. Generally an island is a simple rectangle which doesn't require a lot of fabrication labor so you can get more bang for your buck out of an island. You also have a much better chance at finding a remnant that will work for your island which can save you money as well. Furthermore, if you decide to go 'trendy' with your island, it's very easy and less expensive to switch it out for something else down the road if like.

Here are some great examples of bold colors being used in countertop applications:


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