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How to Clean Countertops June 22, 2013

Your new countertops were a great investment that you want to last a lifetime. Here are some pointers on how to get the best performance out of your countertops.


Solid Surface Cleaning:


Cleaning your countertops daily with dish soap and water and drying them thruoughly will help prevent hard water stains and residue build-up that diminishes the beauty of your countertops over time.




This will dull the surface and result in a "patchy" appearance over time.



Take extra care with dark colors. Dark colors show wear more easily than light colors. If you are having a dark color installed in your home, ask to have a semi-gloss finish applied. This will provide a better appearance than a standard matte finish.


If you chip/crack/scratch or burn your solid surface it can generally be repaired by a professional. We provide all of our customers with a color matched remnant from their original installation for such repairs. Repair-ability is one of the major benefits to using solid surface.

Quartz Cleaning:


Daily cleaning of quartz is very similar to solid surface.  Regular cleaning with dish soap and water will keep your countertops looking great for a very long time. Unlike solid surface, you MAY use abrasive cleaners on Quartz. However, with a good daily cleaning regimen this shouldn't be necessary. Small cracks and chips are sometimes repairable. If you do chip your countertop try to retain any small pieces that have broken off as these may be needed for repairs.


Granite and Marble Cleaning:


Again, cleaning daily with dish soap and water is your best approach. Granite and Marble are pourous (some colors more than others). For this reason, sealers are used in order to protect the stone from stains. When you clean your countertops, or place a few drops of liquid on them, the liquid should "bead" noticably. If it does not, then it's probably time to re-apply a sealer. Sealing your countertops is not difficult and is smart way to protect your investment.


There are many sealers on the market, but not all are created equal. We offer a few options. We seal all of our granite and marble before installing them in your home. The standard sealer is generally good for about two years. This varies depending upon the abuse your countertop.


We also offer products that provide piece of mind with a 15 year stain warranty when applied to your countertops after installation.


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