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This is the first in a special series of blog posts from Heather Duckers, our in-house design expert.


Repurpose, Reuse, Up-style, Reclaim  January 7, 2015


With the great age of recycling and being wiser with our waste, today's interiors are reflecting the same way of thinking in reducing our carbon footprints.


Where can you go for inspiration? In one word, ‘Pinterest.’ Talk about a world of ideas! If you have never visited this site, take an hour - or four - and check it out! This is a one-stop shop for a how-to on almost anything you could imagine. There are several sub-categories of DIY projects. A huge category I have been interested in recently involves pallets. Search 'pallet recycling ideas' on Google and you will come up with 162,000 sites to search from and find tons of furniture ideas. I've seen floors, which are amazing! There is a plethora of up-cycling sites to explore.


Flooring made from old pallets & planks

Personally, I enjoy my treasure hunts at estate and garage sales.  There is the old saying "one man’s trash is another man’s treasure." So many ‘finds’ are waiting if you are willing to look.  A good part of my formal living room is filled with my treasures. As I see it, there is so much in the world, that if I could make the life of something last a little bit longer, then I am helping the best I can to reduce the waste.

My design team is always working to use the best layouts of material as possible. Also, many of our materials have post consumer materials in them. Not to mention that some of our commercial projects require that these types of material are used. For instance, LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, a green building certification program is a good example. Architects, Designers and Contractors all save money by using LEED certified products, and who doesn't love to save money, PLUS it’s good for the earth and helps control waste. Almost all of the product lines we carry have multiple colors that are LEED certified and some companies provide all of their products with LEED certification.

One of my favorite products is Vetrazzo; it uses up to 83% post-consumer content in its slabs! We have a top in our showroom called ‘Alehouse Amber,’ and as the name would imply, is made of all the glass wares we throw into our recycle bins each week.  In ours, I have found the back of a Corona bottle, which makes each slab completely unique.


SKYY Vodka bottles help make the ‘Colbalt SKYY’ slabs with the beautiful royal blue that takes on many shades and depths within the slabs. My love for purple makes ‘Amethystos’ the color I’d love to design with. The slabs are made with lavender cranberry glass, oyster shells and crushed Georgia marble. I am just waiting for that perfect client who needs a high-glamour master bath retreat.

So, as we head into a new year once again, maybe on our journey we look at our homes and lives in a new, revived way.  Perhaps, that old dining set doesn't need replaced. Imagine it with a new stain or paint and re-upholstered seats, use old sweaters to make seat cushions?  The possibilities are endless with a bit of work and imagination. Check out that estate sale when you drive by, or plan to visit a weekend neighborhood garage sale. You never know what you will find, and maybe the table you pick up for $10, can be turned into a masterpiece with a new, one-of-a-kind Vetrazzo top on it.

Amethystos Vetrazzo

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