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Solid Surface…the embodiment of design flexibility

Corian is the most well known solid surface. There are numerous other brands and endless colors to choose from. Additionally, solid surface is by far the most ‘workable’ countertop material ever. It offers a staggering amount of edge options, marries nicely with a multitude of other materials for inlays, and can be “thermo-formed” to almost any imaginable shape.

Color and Texture


Solid Surface is available in hundreds of colors. Textures abound from solid whites to rich earth tones with varying textures and patterns.  In general the more pattern and texture a solid surface has, the more expensive it is. Some of Corian's new colors can reflect light differently depending upon how they are viewed, providing the possibility to add subtle patterns to your designs. You’re sure to find a Solid Surface that fits your taste and design scheme.



Solid Surface is generally manufactured in 1/2” thick panels. Since the color and pattern is consistent through the entire thickness of the panel it can be layered to any thickness you want. Typically counters are made to be 1-1/2” thick at the edges. You can achieve a bolder look by building the edge to 3” or 4” thick. From clean and simple square edges to intricate ogee and custom edges, you can put a little of your personality into your countertops.



Solid Surface is unique in its ability to be formed to almost any shape imaginable. From shower bases to fully customized free-standing islands, furniture, and art.

The sky is truly the limit.

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