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Composite Stone Overlays VS Traditional Countertop Products


There’s a new option available to countertop buyers. It’s a manufactured stone product made to be installed on top of existing laminate or tile countertops. The question is; how does it compare in value to traditional countertop offerings?


What is it exactly?


The overlay “granite” product is a man-made mixture of granite, quartz, and other stone particles mixed with resins to form a ¼” thick slab. It is not granite in its natural state. This is essentially the same as traditional Quartz products like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria except it is not as thick.





Does thickness matter?


It certainly does when it comes to the appearance of the finished product. Traditional stone products are 1-1/2” thick throughout. Since most people opt for an under-mounted sink the thickness of the material is very evident. Reviews of the ¼” overlay products have indicated the thin material looks cheap. Silestone offers ¼” thick slabs but only recommends them for tile or vertical surfaces.


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Natural Granite


Stone Overlay


What about durability?



How do these products compare as to versatility of design?




The stone overlay product offers fewer color and texture options. Edge options are also limited due to the thickness of the material. These products are only available with one type of gloss finish.


What about the cost of removing old countertops?


Generally removing old countertops is a quick and painless process. A reputable countertop company will clean up any mess created from a removal. Typically removals take about 30 minutes for laminate and about 2 hours for tile. Cost of removal varies depending upon what kind of countertops you have. Some companies may even remove your old countertops for free.


How do they compare in cost?


This will vary depending upon many factors. In general, the stone overlay products are comparable in price to common granite, quartz, and solid surface products. Exotic granites and the “designer” colors of quartz and solid surface will be more expensive.


We hope this helps you make an informed decision. No matter what product you choose for your project you should always ask lots of questions. Your wants, needs, and lifestyle should be the driving factors in your decision

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