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What's Hot in 2014 January 4, 2014

Dark finishes and cold hard surfaces are out. Warm, light, durable and family friendly finishes are in. In the world of countertops, granite will take a back seat this year and give way to the resurgence of solid surface.


Solid surface has been around for years and has always been the surfacing product of choice for health care institutions. It's durable, renewable, available in staggering array of colors, and an exceptional value.


Perhaps the most unique characteristic of solid surface is that it feels warm and soft to the touch. In contrast with the cold, hard feeling of granite. This makes solid surface the most kid friendly countertop on the market.




Kitchen cabinets will continue to open up. Lose the doors and display your dishes like works of art. People are entertaining in their kitchens and this is a great way to make the space more inviting and visually interesting. This can be achieved by using glass front cabinets, or by running your backsplash all the way to the ceiling and using interesting shelving in place of cabinets. The lacquered finishes that have been popular are losing their luster, and making way for lighter and renewable materials. Reclaimed wood is a favorite of many designers to add richness and depth to kitchen design.

The work-triangle is also being re-imagined. We use our kitchens for so much more than cooking. It's become an extension of our living room. A place to hangout with our family and friends, for kids to do homework and projects, and for many the home office.


Kitchen designers now have to consider these additional uses for the kitchen to create a space with multiple zones to accommodate the new demands for a family's kitchen.

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